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FatSound proves that the final result is more than just the sum of the parts. Having significant industry experience, continuously improving and learning, we have found the right formula for providing each client with the best service.


In our rental shop, you can order any kind of equipment needed for small and medium-sized events. We offer various packages as well as single pieces of equipment for MCs, DJs, weddings, parties, PR campaigns etc. Working with us, you will have access to high quality equipment. We also deliver and install.



FatSound supplies solutions, equipment and crew to large-scale events that require complex approach and planning. Whether it is a big conference, concert, festival or corporate event, we always will offer innovative solutions and outstanding performance. We propose custom design solutions for each project and engage in detailed discussion of every aspect of the event.



We offer sound, lighting and rigging equipment and custom installation projects for venues and locations of any size and purpose. Our engineers will come to your venue, conduct an onsite evaluation of technical requirements and provide you with an appropriate quote. We use brand name equipment and guarantee high quality results, completed on time.



We only work with high quality brand name equipment made by recognized international manufacturers. Our arsenal includes such brands as RCF, ElectroVoice, JBL, DiGiCo, Allen&Heath, Martin, Coemar, Global Truss, Milos etc. This approach combined with professional skills of our crew allows us to achieve high quality results and to impress our clients.



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